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  Silverlight Development
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Introduction to Silverlight
Silverlight Architecture
Supported Operating Systems and Browsers
Introduction to XAML
Developing Silverlight Applications
Silverlight Application and Project Structure
Application Library Caching
Silverlight Layout system
Routed Events and Dependency Properties
Using Resources
Exception Handling
Working with Data
Data Binding Concepts
Binding to Controls
Binding to XML data
Binding to Collections
Working with WCF Data Services
Integrating Silverlight with Web Pages
Custom Initialization Parameters
Versioning and Plug-in sizing
Interaction between HTML and Managed Code
Full screen support
Networking and Communication
HTTP Communication and Security
URL Access Restrictions
Downloading content on demand
Accessing Web services
Working with sockets
Working with Audio and Video
Audio and Video Overview
Supported Media formats and protocols
Server-side playlists
Introduction to DRM
Creating Control Templates
Working with the Parts and States Model
Creating Data Templates
Creating custom controls using Parts and States Model
Developing Applications using MVVM
Introduction to the MVVM Pattern
Working with Commands
Working with Behaviors
Implementing the MVVM Pattern
Common scenarios and issues

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