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CLR Enhancements
Background Garbage Collection
In process Side by Side execution
Transparent security framework and Sandboxing API
C# enhancements
Optional and Named parameters
Covariance and Contravariance
Default values
Interop Enhancements
Dynamic Language Runtime
Introduction to Dynamic languages
Difference between dynamic, var and object
Creating Dynamic Objects
Using Expando Objects
Managed Extensibility Framework
Introduction to Dependency Injection and Inversion of control
MEF concepts
Exporting and Importing Parts
Lazy Initialization
Attaching metadata to parts
Other BCL Enhancements
Memory mapped files
Big Integers
Parallel Applications
Parallel For and Parallel ForEach
Working with Tasks
Work Stealing
Cancellation Tokens
ManualResetEventSlim and SemaphoreSlim
Lazy Initialization
Parallel LINQ

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2 days

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