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  Developing ASP.NET Apps using MVC-Deep Dive
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Introduction to the MVC Pattern
Weaknesses of ASP.NET WebForms
Benefits of MVC
History of MVC
The MVC Pattern
Introduction to the MVC Pattern
Comparing MVC with other patterns
Understanding Domain Driven development
Building loosely coupled components
Using Dependency Injection
Creating a primitive MVC Application
Understanding the MVC project structure and naming conventions
Creating a simple model, view and controller
Language Features for MVC
Automatic Properties
Automatic type and collection initializers
Automatic type inference
Anonymous types
Extension methods
Lambda Expressions
Basic overview of LINQ
Introduction to the Razor syntax
Testing MVC Applications
Understanding Unit Testing
URLs, Routing and Areas
Introduction to ASP.NET Routing System
Defining default values for urls
Defining optional url segments
Defining variable length routes
Constraining routes
Creating custom constraints
Bypassing the routing system
Generating outbound urls
Controllers and Actions
Creating controllers
Receiving input
Producing output - Action Results
Performing redirections
Working with the Razor engine
Using HTML Helpers

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